Clínica SPCC

The Clinic SPCC brings together the most varied services in a single space and has a competent and qualified team to help you be healthier and better smile. We are up to any challenge!

We have four offices service, each equipped with the latest technology. In Clinic SPCC is a professional but relaxed family atmosphere. Here, the entire space has been designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Looking to the future, it is our goal to answer the needs of all those who seek to increase and diversify our services in various medical specialties, including dentistry in other health services, through the alternative therapies for aesthetic and well -being, to cognitive and educational development of our children and adolescents.

The focus on quality and the latest technology is a constant, because we always want that their health is first. We want Clinic SPCC is the ideal place for you and your family take care of their health. We want the best for you, we like you to trust us, to come back, and references … this will always be your best thanks, trust in your friends and family!

Today there are holidays and treatments at the same time. This is what is called Medical Tourism. If you are coming to enjoy our sun, our beaches, our gastronomy, why not take the opportunity to improve your oral health?

The SPCC Clinic is the answer for those who want to take advantage of this program that is aimed at patients who visit us from afar and are looking for quality dental care, with follow-up and personalized treatment, ensuring that it meets their wishes. Of the various services we have, the so-called “fixed teeth in one day” is the most sought after treatment in medical tourism.

We wait for you …. We take care of you !!


Dental Clinic


E.N.9 – Av. Álvaro Vaz do Urmeiro, nº 60, Loja D

Postal Code:

2560-200 S. Pedro da Cadeira – Torres Vedras


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